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Silicone Wedding Bands: The Complete Guide

Silicone Wedding Bands: The Complete Guide

Did you know that around 150,000 Americans injure their ring fingers every year? 

Ring injury, also known as ring avulsion, is more common than we think. Jimmy Fallon is perhaps the most well-known recent case of ring avulsion, but he is one among many who injure their fingers because of a metal wedding ring getting caught on an object (in Jimmy's case, a kitchen counter).

Thankfully, ring injuries are easily preventable!

What is a silicone ring?

A silicone ring is made of silicone, similar to a silicone spatula or a silicone baking dish. Silicone is a flexible, durable, and non-toxic material.

Why wear a silicone ring?

There are many reasons why people choose to wear silicone rings, but the most important reason is this: safety. Silicone rings have the ability to break under high tension, such as when caught on an object, effectively safeguarding the finger from potential harm. Metal rings, on the other hand, will not break, and can cause severe injuries such as degloving or the loss of a finger.

What are some other benefits to wearing a silicone ring?

Aside from preventing ring injuries, silicone rings have many other benefits. They are the perfect rings for travels, gym, all weather conditions, and all types of sports and activities. See the 8 Real Benefits of Switching to Silicone Rings.


How to choose a silicone ring?

If you are sensitive to metals, you'll want to make sure to select a ring that is free of metal. Knot Theory's silicone rings - including the metallic ones - are metal-free.

Not all flexible rings are made of silicone. The ones with colourful patterns are usually made of plastic. If you want a toxin-free and hypoallergenic ring, make sure it is made of silicone. The silicone grade matters to. At Knot Theory, we only use food-grade silicone.

Breathability is another important consideration. Look for rings that have a true comfort fit design which is a smooth curved interior that improves airflow and comfort, as well as preventing the look of a finger muffin-top. Rings with grooves or gutters on the inside can trap sweat and moisture instead of boosting breathability.

Lastly, consider the ring's band width and thickness. The more narrow and thin the bands are, the more comfortable, but the ring won't last as long. At Knot Theory we optimized the band thickness for the best of both worlds: extremely comfortable but sturdy and not flimsy. For ring bandwidth, you can choose from 2mm, 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm based on your preference.

How to find my silicone ring size?

Getting the perfect fit is the key to having the best silicone ring-wearing experience!

Here is the best guide on how to find your ring size.

Knot Theory offers the perfect fit guarantee. We want your ring to feel amazing on you.

How to care for my silicone ring?

Your silicone rings are amazingly low-maintenance, and because of this, it can be easy to overlook ways that might shorten their lifespan. Learn how to maximize the longevity of your silicone ring in this Complete Care Guide to Your Silicone Rings.