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The Real Benefits of Switching to Silicone Rings

The Real Benefits of Switching to Silicone Rings

Ditch the metal and switch to silicone rings for a comfortable, stylish, and worry-free life!

Here's why you should make the switch:

  1. Comfort: Traditional metal rings can get in they way, pinch your skin, and create callouses, especially if you do hands-on activities such as lift weights, play sports, play music instruments, or garden. Silicone rings, on the other hand (pun intended :)), are so comfortable you can wear them all day and they don't get in the way of your activities!

    Silicone rings 
  2. Never have to take them off: Some rings are meant to stay on your finger 24/7 right? Wedding rings, engagement rings, promise rings, motivational / mantra rings are some of the rings that you don't want to have to take off when you hit the gym, travel, and just live life. When you take your ring off, you can misplace it, lose it, or have it stolen. With a silicone ring, just put it on and live your life without worries and limits.

  3. Safety: We must talk about safety, because every year hundreds of thousands of people lose their fingers or the skin on their fingers due to ring injuries! Traditional metal rings can get caught on things and “take your finger with it”. Silicone rings are flexible and will break away if they get caught, keeping your finger safely attached to your hand. That's what we want!


  4. Style: A few years ago perhaps we can't say that “style” is a strength of silicone rings. As a brand that cares a lot about both form and function, we have over the years made such huge strides in making great looking silicone rings. We can quite confidently say now that our silicone rings often get more attention than traditional metal rings!

Knot Theory was the first to create women's silicone rings, and the first to create metallic silicone rings (that are hypoallergenic and free of metal). Head over to our collections to see the latest and greatest silicone rings we have designed!