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Take a bit of time to find your perfect silicone ring size, and your finger will thank you for it!

With the right fit, your silicone ring will be the most comfortable ring to slide onto your finger. They will have just the right amount of breathing room while being snug enough to stay put on your finger without getting lost. 

Knot Theory's ring sizes follow the US standard ring sizes, however your silicone ring size can be different from your metal ring size! Usually your silicone ring is 0.5 to 1 size smaller than your metal ring, because it is flexible and contours your finger better. (Also, silicone rings are flexible so they can stretch over your knuckles.)

Method #1: Watch this ring sizing video and reference the size guide below:


Method #2: Make a paper ring sizer (No Printer Needed)

  1. Obtain a strip of paper or a string.
  2. Wrap the paper or measuring tape around the base of your finger where you intend to wear the silicone ring. Make sure it's snug. Remember, your ring will be more flexible than the paper, so snug is best.

  3. Mark the point where the paper or measuring tape overlaps.

  4. Measure the length from the starting point to the marked point using a ruler or a measuring tape. This measurement will give you the circumference of your finger.

  5. Use the following chart to find your ring size based on the circumference of your finger:

Knot Theory silicone ring size chart

Method #3: Print out this ring sizer: 

Click here to print Knot Theory ring sizing tool

 silicone ring sizer, printable version

Did you know that Knot Theory offers the Perfect Fit Guarantee on your first ring? We want to make sure that your Knot Theory ring fits as comfortably as possible for you. If you didn't get the right size on your first try, don't worry, just contact our friendly team and we'll help you find your perfect fit!