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Famous People Who have Injured their Ring Finger

Famous People Who have Injured their Ring Finger

Ring avulsion is more common than we tend to think. Here are three famous people who have suffered ring finger injuries. 

Neil Armstrong: The astronaut and first man to walk on the moon was working on his farm when he got his wedding ring stuck in the gears of a tractor. He didn’t get it out in time—his ring and ring finger got torn clean off. He then packed his finger in some ice and drove himself to the hospital to get it reattached.

Neil Armstrong had ring avulsion injury


Jimmy Fallon: In June 2015, Jimmy Fallon suffered an injury to his left ring finger while at his apartment in New York City. He tripped and fell, and his ring caught on the countertop, causing his finger to bend and resulting in a severe injury.

Fallon was rushed to the hospital and underwent surgery to repair the damage. The injury was so severe that he had to cancel episodes of "The Tonight Show" while he recovered.

Jimmy Fallon ring avulsion injury

Kobe Bryant: The late professional basketball player suffered a ring finger injury during his career. In the 2009-2010 season, he suffered an avulsion fracture of the ring finger on his right hand, which caused him to wear a split for several games. However, he continued to play through the injury and helped lead his team, the Los Angeles Lakers, to win the NBA championship that year. 

Kobe Bryant ring finger injury
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