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Pearl White Breathable Silicone Ring For Men and Women

$19.99 USD


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When we first saw these pearl white silicone rings with a silken finish, we fell in love immediately. We decided to make them in as many sizes as possible, because we know you'll love them too! 

The subtle yet elegant shine of the pearlescent white is perfect for both him and her. Available in bandwidths of 6mm (regular) and 4mm (thin). The silken surface makes these rings glide onto your finger effortlessly.

Like all the rings in our comfort fit collection, this ring is designed with a true comfort fit, which means:

  • Enhanced Air Circulation
  • No Moisture-trap
  • No Finger Muffin-top

Some silicone rings have grooves in the inside, which actually trap moisture. Knot Theory's comfort fit rings features a true curved inner surface to promote air flow, which means the inner surface can be smooth and extra comfortable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6178 reviews

I bought this ring for my husband .
He loves it! He says - it’s very comfortable.
I’m thinking of getting him another one - for Father’s Day

I like

I wore a white gold ring originally and I jammed my finger so my finger swelled up and I bought a silver ring size 11 from Knot Theory. It was great until my sweeling went down and the ring easily came off. I never lost it though until I took it off on purpose to clean out my pool filter, I set it down some place and it disappeared. My nephew was here so I kind of think he took it. So I bought this pearl one in a size 10. Its definitely a more snug fit, and I do not worry about it coming off my finger anymore. It is great looking and very comfortable. I really like it.

Perfect ring and support!

The stuff of the Knot Theory are really good! The customer support are wonderful and sincere. Of course rings are perfect. I am big fun of them. Thank you so much!


The ring is perfect. Just the delivery a bit long

Great alternative

Working in a museum where there is a risk to artifacts and antiques from my metal rings and diamond; and also a risk of personal injury from pinches and crushing from heavy antiques; the Knot Theory rings are a safer alternative while still allowing me to wear wedding bands. The stackable variety are nice, I can switch up the colour order.