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Neon Hot Pink Breathable Silicone Ring

$19.99 USD


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How are Knot Theory bevel comfort fit silicone ring different?

  • Curved inner surface enhances air flow, giving you the most comfortable wear.
  • Ultra-fine silken surface from micro-blasted moulds. Feels amazing on your skin.
  • Sleek bevel design looks more like a metal ring.
  • No finger muffin-top with our ergonomic comfort fit.
  • No moisture trap, no grooves. Your skin stays fresh and dry.
  • Non-bulky and lightweight for enhanced safety and 24/7 comfort.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 105 reviews

    Absolutely stunning! They look so beautiful especially in sunlight and are incredibly comfortable to wear. I am absolutely in love with them! I have purchased so many rings from here! My partner and I love changing our ring colors together to match. We also have another design in gold and silver. The rings are very durable, and the metallic ones look just like real metal bands. I can do all my activities, such as swimming, without any concern that my ring will slip off or my finger would get metal ring injuries!


    This absolutely looks like the images, and fulfills what I need. My wedding ring doesn’t fit due to temporary swelling, and this was the closest I could find to something that matched our bands, which are 3 mm 18k gold with a somewhat matte finish. This is more matte and a little wider at 4 mm but I’m really happy to have something safe to wear on my hand while I have to have my real ring on a necklace for a couple of months :) And a good option for any time in the future when I can’t wear my ring (working on electrical, etc). I appreciate the minimal/recyclable packaging too.


    Gorgeous! I got the blue version and it's so pretty in person, has a lovely shimmer to it. The mountain etching is very striking and it's soft so I expect it will be comfortable for my partner to wear.


    Beautiful ring, also got one for my partner and he absolutely loves it. We're using it as a promise ring and we can wear it in the shower, when washing dishes, etc. Each design represents us pretty well individually and together. 10/10


    I have purchased several of these rings since our work lives make solid metal bands a hazard. We love changing colors together. This ring in silver was a perfect choice for evening wear. We have another design in the golden. The rings are durable and the silver does look like a metal silver band. My hands often swell and I do not worry since there is enough flex to stretch a little but not slip off. If you are a half since order the full size smaller. I can do all my activities - including swimming- without concern my ring will slip off.