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Metallic Fuchsia Breathable Silicone Ring for Women

$19.99 USD


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The beautiful ring is a perfect gift for yourself, or a husband's gift for wife. The silken surface make these rings glide onto your finger effortlessly.

Like all the rings in our comfort fit collection, this ring is designed with a true comfort fit, which means:

  • Enhanced Air Circulation
  • No Moisture-trap
  • No Finger Muffin-top

Some silicone rings have grooves in the inside, which actually trap moisture. Knot Theory's comfort fit rings features a true curved inner surface to promote air flow, which means the inner surface can be smooth and extra comfortable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 158 reviews

The neon swirl and the metal hot pink are my absolute favorites. They have held onto their colors like a boss! And the sizing is spot-on. They stretch to fit snugly around my finger without being too tight. So comfortable. I wear them everyday instead of my gold wedding band!


Use this as my wedding band for work. Isn't too tight and it looks polished all the time


Beautiful ring, also got one for my partner and he absolutely loves it. We're using it as a promise ring and we can wear it in the shower, when washing dishes, etc. Each design represents us pretty well individually and together. 10/10


My partner wanted a ring she could use at the gym or on hikes. This was perfect! It's comfortable, true to size, and the mountain design makes it all that much more special since our first date was on a mountain!


I have purchased several of these rings since our work lives make solid metal bands a hazard. We love changing colors together. This ring in silver was a perfect choice for evening wear. We have another design in the golden. The rings are durable and the silver does look like a metal silver band. My hands often swell and I do not worry since there is enough flex to stretch a little but not slip off. If you are a half since order the full size smaller. I can do all my activities - including swimming- without concern my ring will slip off.