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Filigree Silicone Ring, Dual Layer Engraved 6mm

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Filigree is a symbol of wealth and prestige, yet there's also an aura of romance about it!

Custom designed in-house at Knot Theory, this seamless filigree design is regal and timeless. It's perfectly balanced between masculinity and femininity.

You can make this ring even more meaningful with your custom engraving on the inside.

Each ring is engraved and made-to-order by our passionate team in Canada.

What makes Knot Theory silicone ring different?

  • Breathable true comfort fit - Curved inner surface enhances air flow, giving you the most comfortable wear. No moisture trap, no grooves. Your skin stays fresh and dry.
  • Metal-free metallic colours - sophisticated metallic colours that are also hypoallergenic.
  • No finger muffin-top with our ergonomic comfort fit.
  • Designed for 24/7 wear - Non-bulky and lightweight for enhanced safety and 24/7 comfort.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 62 reviews

    Love my new ring 🏔️😊❤️ Beautiful purple Soft and breathable, I don’t have to take off while hand drumming and shoveling.


    "Knot Theory's silicone ring exceeded my expectations. The soft and stretchy material feels great on my finger, and it's so lightweight that I often forget I'm wearing it!"

    Kat Huntley

    I've been wearing this #siliconering for about a week and I love how comfortable it is, I can wear it to bed, exercising, in water, etc. It fits nice, comfortable and doesn't slip off. It has a beautiful design and they have a variety of sizes. And I need a larger size so I was excited to be able to get one that fit me. Their sizing guide is spot on too! Many use as a wedding band supplement but I think they are for anyone who wants a comfortable ring they can wear doing any activity without damaging it, losing it or it being uncomfortable. They have quite a selection and I'm eyeing up a skeleton one for Halloween season. @knotheory #knotheory #siliconerings #siliconeweddingring #siliconeweddingband #siliconering

    Michelle Maffei

    Some of my favorite shots to capture are the details, like the accessories you’re wearing. Remember to add rings, bracelets, statement necklaces, and more to add interest to your photo session (and give me the chance to capture them) 🥰 @knotheory #knotheory #siliconerings #siliconeweddingring #siliconeweddingband #siliconering


    "Knot Theory's silicone ring is a total game-changer! The versatility, durability, and unique patterns make it a standout choice for anyone looking to add a touch of style to their ensemble."