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Custom Engraved Forest Trees Silicone Ring in Metal Blue, Dark Silver, Black, Green, or Teal

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Bring the beauty of the forest with you wherever you go with this Forest silicone ring. Made from durable and flexible silicone, this ring can withstand all the adventures you embark on, whether you're a hiker, camper, or birdwatcher.

Featuring a detailed panoramic forest scene and soaring birds, this ring is not only comfortable to wear but also perfect for those who want to keep the serene energy of the forest close to them at all times. It's guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of any nature lover.

Make it even more special with a custom engraving on the inside and wear it as a constant reminder of your connection to nature.

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    If you travel, go to the gym, play sports, play music, cook, or love the outdoor, this silicone rings will accompany you 24/7 and never get in the way of enjoying life. No pinching, no calluses, no rashes.


    Love this time of year 🥎🔥❤️ ring


    Pool season is officially here. I don’t love wearing my wedding rings to the pool but with Knot Theory rings, I can wear rings and be stylish. With Knot Theory Arc Collection, you’ll find gorgeous breathable domed silicone rings in the largest selection of colours. They are great as matching couples wedding rings, rings, birthstone rings, cause and awareness rings, friendship rings, mother and daughter rings. They are also amazing as ring stoppers for your diamond wedding ring to guard your ring from falling off.


    Look what I found, a gorgeous breathable domed silicone ring.


    Did you know that Lin means forest in Chinese? When I saw these silicone rings from Knot Theory I was excited to get one with a “Lin” design for my husband! As a heavy metal guitarist, you won’t find him wearing any heavy metal while jamming, so this serves as a good alternative band.