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Dark Bronze Breathable Silicone Ring For Men

$19.99 USD


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Chocolate Bronze classic with enhancement! 

This silken smooth dark metallic ring is perfect for husband, dad, fiance, or as a gift for yourself. Available in 6mm bandwidth. We love the smooth surface - it makes the ring glide onto your finger effortlessly.

Like all the rings in our comfort fit collection, this ring is designed with a true comfort fit, which means:

  • Enhanced Air Circulation
  • No Moisture-trap
  • No Finger Muffin-top

Some silicone rings have grooves in the inside, which actually trap moisture. Knot Theory's comfort fit rings features a true curved inner surface to promote air flow, which means the inner surface can be smooth and extra comfortable.

Customer Reviews

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Great alternative

Working in a museum where there is a risk to artifacts and antiques from my metal rings and diamond; and also a risk of personal injury from pinches and crushing from heavy antiques; the Knot Theory rings are a safer alternative while still allowing me to wear wedding bands. The stackable variety are nice, I can switch up the colour order.


This ring is wife approved! It does not look cheap AT ALL! I really like the coloring in the gold band. The engraving is perfect. The sizing chart works and the fit was perfect. The ring does breathe well and stays on perfectly. This was a work friendly alternative to my metal ring and it far surpassed expectation.


This is the only shop I could find that sells beautiful, sparkly, multicolored rings in exactly the colors I want (black with a hint of purple.) I use this ring for my Ace Pride ring, as I work outdoors all day and needed a ring that held up to my every day. Customer service is superb. I ordered the wrong size and they sent me a new ring in the proper size free of charge! Can't wait to buy more!!


Great ring, hubby is an electrician so nice to swap over for work. Love it!


Ordered 2 rings, 1 got lost in the mail but Knot Theory responded quickly and shipped out a new one. The gf loves them!