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silicone ring breathable comfort fit

Breathable Comfort Fit

Knot Theory rings feature a comfort fit design, to enhance comfort and improve air flow. The slight curve on the inside of your ring will help your finger stay fresh and dry so you can wear your ring comfortably 24/7. As an added bonus, it also helps prevent finger muffin top!

Other brands use grooves on the inside of the ring to boost air flow, but these grooves can trap moisture become sweat gutters.

Knot Theory's smooth inner ring surface is not only extremely comfortable and breathable, it also lends opportunity for custom engraving on the inside of your ring.


Knot Theory silicone ring hypoallergenic and free of metal

Free of Metals & Allergens

We make our rings as safe as possible, free of allergens and toxins.

If you are allergic to any metals such as nickel or copper, you can safely wear our rings. Knot Theory rings are made with metal-free and hypoallergenic pigments.

Silicone is a very safe material, but we took it one step further and only use food-grade silicone. The end product is a hypoallergenic high quality silicone ring that is durable and safe.


Knot Theory 360 degree engraving on the inside and outside of the silicone ring

360º Inside & Outside Engraving

We spent a year developing the tools needed to engrave 360 degrees panoramically on the inside and outside of each ring.

We weren't the first to offer silicone ring engraving, but we are the best. We use the best laser engraving machines and the best tools which we have designed ourselves.

Whether your message is sincere or naughty, short & sweet or a full sentence, we got you.


Knot Theory rings are engraved in Canada with love

Engraved with Love in Canada

Your rings are engraved by our passionate team in Canada who are meticulous about their craft.

Ring engraving requires incredible precision and attention to detail. We are very blessed to have a skilled and caring team!


Knot Theory offers the perfect fit guarantee

Perfect Fit Guarantee 

On your first ring with us, we know finding the right size can be tricky. So for your first ring purchase at Knot Theory, we offer the Perfect Fit Guarantee.

If your ring is too big or too small, contact us. We'll help you find your ring size, and send the ring to you for free. 


Knot Theory offers a limited lifetime warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty 

Your ring comes with a limited lifetime warranty to protect you against manufacturing defect. Normal wear and tear is not included, but do check out our Complete Care Guide to Your Silicone Rings to maximize the longevity of your ring. If your ring is defective, please contact us for a free replacement.