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Skulls & Skeleton Halloween Collection

Skulls & Skeleton Halloween Collection

New! Golden Liquid Silicone

This collection is special to us.

The golden skulls and skeleton rings are individually engraved, then carefully
filled with golden liquid silicone. We then bake them to cure the liquid silicone for longevity.

So yes, they are served to you hot out of the oven, like chocolate chip cookies.

The Tale of Golden Skulls

The human skulls have been around for as long as humans have been around (true fact). Their symbolism is deep and far-reaching.

What do skulls represent for you?

For us, it represents life and death, the power of life, the celebration of our being, and the essence of our everlasting existence - because the skulls are all that remain, long after everything else has rotted away.

Take me to the golden skulls

‘Til Death Do Us Part

If you listen closely at night, the golden skeletons are screaming, “‘Til death do us part!” So romantic.

Take my cold, romantic hand

Pry ‘em from these cold dead hands

Skulls and skeletons are also available without gold-fill. Served chilled.

Let me pry

And They Rise…

The golden skulls and skeleton are also available on our 8mm wide Rise rings.

Lead the way

…Rise at Night

Skulls and skeletons are also available without gold-fill, on Rise rings.

Take me there