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Complete Guide to the Perfect Silicone Ring Size

Complete Guide to the Perfect Silicone Ring Size

With the perfect fit, your silicone ring will be the most comfortable ring your hands have ever experienced.

How do you find the perfect fit of your silicone ring? Let's dive in! 

How tight do you want a silicone ring?

First, let's talk about what a perfect fit feels like. When fitting silicone rings, you want a snug fit, but not so tight that it is uncomfortable, squeezing out a finger muffin-top, or reducing blood flow to the finger. With the right fit, your silicone ring should feel secure on your finger and at the same time so comfortable that you barely notice it.

Will moisture build up under my silicone ring?

Silicone is not a breathable material, but with the right ring design, a silicone ring can be very breathable, keeping your fingers fresh. Instead of sizing up to create breathing room between your finger and the ring, look for rings that have a true comfort fit design, which is a smooth curved interior that improves airflow and comfort, as well as preventing the look of a finger muffin-top. Rings with grooves or gutters on the inside can trap sweat and moisture instead of boosting breathability.

From time to time, you can also roll the ring inside out (while it's on your finger), and let the moisture escape quickly.

Is my silicone ring size the same as my metal ring size?

If you know your metal ring size, it's still a good idea to measure for your silicone ring size. Silicone rings can stretch over your knuckles, whereas hard rings can't. So usually your silicone ring size is either the same or smaller than your metal ring size.

What's the easiest way to find my ring size?

The easiest and fastest way to find your ring size is to download a ring size app, display the different ring size circles, and put your finger over top of the circles to find the best match. This is not the most accurate way, but it'll get you mostly there.

What's the most accurate way to measure my ring size?

The best way to find your perfect silicone ring fit is to measure your finger using a ring sizer or a piece of string, and then refer to the sizing chart provided by the ring manufacturer. It is important to measure your finger at the time of day when your fingers are at their largest, such as in the evening or after exercising.

When using a paper ring sizer, remember to wrap it snugly around your finger, because your silicone ring will have some stretch while the paper ring sizer will not have any stretch. 

If you are between sizes, we recommend sizing down. For example, if you measure size 7.5, choose size 7.

Remember that silicone rings can stretch over time with wear, exposure to heat, or certain chemicals, so the fit can change over time. Too maximize the longevity of your silicone ring, check out our Complete Silicone Ring Care Guide.