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New Collection: Warriors

New Collection: Warriors

Unleash the Warriors Within You

For this collection, we are inspired by the Polynesian tribal tattoo art.

We love this timeless craft, and hope these rings unleash the warrior spirit within you.

Warrior of Wisdom

As you slip this ring onto your finger, feel the weight of centuries of contemplation and insight settle on your hand. It is a symbol that transcends the frenetic pace of battle, offering instead a sanctuary of calm amidst life's storms.

Warrior of Serenity

The big waves on this ring symbolize the trials a warrior faces in their journey. Between them, the two serene lines stand as a testament to the unshakeable peace within the mind of a true champion.

They signify the unwavering center, where peace and resolve flourish even in the face of adversity.

Warrior of Strength

This ring bears Polynesian symbols of fierce shark teeth and undulating waves. Together, they represent a harmonious balance between power and fluidity, a reminder that true strength lies in adaptability and resilience.

Warrior of Courage

With every spearhead, the Warrior of Courage ring whispers the stories of ancient heroes who faced adversity head-on, unflinching and undeterred.

Let this ring empower you to charge forward, to meet challenges with a steady hand and a fearless spirit.