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Limited Edition: Filigree Silicone Rings

Limited Edition: Filigree Silicone Rings

We're so thrilled to show you our latest silicone ring design: Filigree.

Custom designed in-house at Knot Theory, this seamless filigree design is fluid, regal, and timeless. It's balanced between masculinity and femininity.

The Origin of Filigree

Filigree has a rich history that traces back thousands of years, and its origins can be found in various ancient civilizations. The technique of filigree work involves intricately weaving and soldering fine metal wires or threads into delicate and ornamental designs.

The exact origin of filigree is difficult to pinpoint, as it emerged independently in different cultures across the globe. It is believed to have originated in ancient Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq) around 3,000 BCE. From there, it spread to Egypt, Greece, India, and China, where it flourished and evolved in each region.


Filigree holds deep symbolic significance in different cultures. In ancient civilizations, it was associated with the divine and was used to create precious adornments for religious ceremonies. In many cultures, filigree work was considered a symbol of wealth, status, and craftsmanship. It often adorned royal crowns, ceremonial regalia, and sacred objects, signifying power and prestige.

Filigree has endured throughout the ages, adapting to different artistic styles and cultural influences. It gained prominence during the Renaissance and Baroque periods in Europe, where it adorned exquisite jewelry and decorative objects.


In modern times, filigree continues to be revered for its intricate beauty and craftsmanship. It is cherished as a symbol of tradition, cultural heritage, and timeless elegance. Filigree jewelry and decorative pieces are sought after for their artistic value and the intricate storytelling woven into each design.

Whether as a manifestation of divine artistry, a representation of status and wealth, or a celebration of interconnectedness and delicate beauty, filigree remains a testament to human creativity, skill, and the enduring allure of ancient craftsmanship.