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Answers to All Your Silicone Ring Questions

Answers to All Your Silicone Ring Questions

Why should I wear a Silicone ring?

There are several reasons why you should wear silicone rings over traditional metal rings:

Safety: Silicone rings are safe to wear in situations where traditional metal rings may be dangerous, such as when working with machinery or in construction. Silicone rings will break off under tension (such as ring snag), keeping your fingers safe.

Comfort: Silicone rings are comfortable to wear because they are flexible and lightweight, and won't cause any irritation or allergic reactions.

A great training ring (especially for newlyweds who are getting used to wearing wedding rings): 1 in 4 men lose their wedding rings, and 1 in 7 women lose their wedding rings – often at the beginning of marriages

The perfect travel ring: if you enjoy travelling and don't want to worry about losing your expensive and irreplaceable wedding ring, then silicone rings are your prefect travel ring.

Hypoallergenic: Silicone is hypoallergenic, making it a great option for people with metal allergies.

Waterproof: Silicone rings are waterproof, so you can wear them while swimming or doing other water activities without having to take them off.


Overall, silicone rings offer a combination of safety, durability, comfort, style, affordability, and hypoallergenic properties which make them an appealing alternative for many people.

If you need more reasons, read our Ultimate Guide to Silicone Rings: What They Are and Why You Need One 

Do silicone rings fit tight?

No. With the right fit, silicone rings are the most comfortable ring money can buy. If you are about to purchase a ring, make sure to download our free ring sizer to get the best fit.

Are silicone rings good for sensitive skin?

Yes, silicone rings are great for sensitive skin for two main reasons: silicone is soft, and it is one of the most non-toxic materials available.

At Knot Theory we use food-grade silicone, so it's extra friendly to sensitive skin.

Our rings – even the metallics ones – are free of metal. So if you have metal allergies, you can still safely wear Knot Theory rings. Some skin types are sensitive to its own sweat, so it's important to keep the area between the ring and the finger dry.

The best way to keep your finger fresh and dry is to choose the right ring size so it fits comfortability with a little bit of breathing room on your finger. With the right ring size, check if your ring has a slight curve on the inside to help boost air flow.

Knot Theory rings are designed with true comfort fit – a curved inner wall that enhances breathability. Some rings have “sweat gutters” on the inner wall, which can boost air flow, but can also trap moisture.

Knot Theory Breathability

Are silicone rings good for swelling?

Definitely! Silicone rings are soft and flexible. So if your fingers swell up, the ring will expand to accommodate.

Fingers can swell due to exercise, heat, fluid retention, pregnancy, weight gain, infection, arthritis, and more. Metal rings would get stuck on your finger which is painful and you can't take the ring off.

Silicone rings are a safer and much more comfortable option!

Can Silicone Rings Shrink or Stretch?

Silicone rings won't shrink. With a lot of wear or stretch, silicone rings do get bigger. See our complete care guide to maximize the longevity of your ring.

Do silicone rings get stained?

Silicone rings are generally resistant to staining, but they can become discolored over time due to exposure to certain substances.

For example, exposure to oils, lotions, and other chemicals can cause discoloration. Additionally, if a silicone ring is exposed to high heat, such as from a stove or oven, it can become discolored.

To prevent staining and discoloration, it is important to keep silicone rings clean and to avoid exposing them to harsh chemicals or high temperatures.

Does silicone rings require special care?

Silicone rings are very easy to care for. See our complete care guide to maximize the longevity of your ring.

Will silicone ring make me sweat?

With the right fit, and a good silicone ring design (such as Knot Theory's rings which have a curved interior to boost airflow), there should be enough breathing room between your finger and your silicone ring to keep your finger fresh and free of sweat build-up.

If you are about to purchase a ring, make sure to download our free ring sizer to get the best fit. With Knot Theory, you get the perfect fit guarantee, so you can make sure you find your best fit without paying extra.

Do silicone rings break easily?

No, silicone rings have good structural integrity so they don't break easily. However, if they are under a lot of tension, they will break – to save your finger!

If your silicone ring is snagged or caught on an object unexpectedly, the sudden force applied to the ring can break the ring, instead of taking your finger along for the ride!

Can you shower with a silicone ring?

Yes! You can shower with your silicone ring on. You can also shower with your significant other who also has a silicone ring on ;)