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7 Famous Silicone Ring Lovers You Might Know

7 Famous Silicone Ring Lovers You Might Know

There are many famous people who wear silicone rings for a variety of reasons. Here are a few notable examples:

  1. Prince Harry - The Duke of Sussex has been spotted wearing a black silicone ring during his travels and public appearances.

  2. Halle Berry - The Oscar-winning actress has been seen wearing a silicone ring on her wedding finger, indicating that she may have opted for this style for comfort and practicality.

  3. Jack Osbourne - The reality TV star and son of Ozzy Osbourne is known for wearing a silicone wedding band as a safer alternative to metal rings during his outdoor adventures.

  4. Chris Hemsworth - The actor has been spotted wearing a silicone ring on the set of various movies, likely due to the comfort and flexibility they offer during long days of filming.

  5. Sara Blakely - The billionaire founder of Spanx is known for wearing a silicone ring as a safer and more comfortable alternative to metal jewelry while working in her office and during her daily workouts.

  6. Jason Momoa - The actor and former model is often seen wearing a silicone wedding band, likely due to the non-conductive and safe properties of the material.

  7. Adam Savage - The former co-host of the TV show Mythbusters and maker enthusiast frequently wears a black silicone ring for comfort and safety during his various projects and builds.

These famous people, among others, have recognized the benefits of wearing silicone rings for various reasons, including safety, comfort, and practicality.