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Custom Engraved Silicone Rings in Antique Gold and More Colours

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Our custom engraved silicone ring is the perfect way to add a personal touch to your jewelry collection. Made from durable and flexible silicone, this ring is perfect for those who lead an active lifestyle and want a comfortable and practical accessory. The ring can be custom engraved with any message or design you choose, making it a unique and special piece.

For couples, the inside of the ring can be engraved with your anniversary date or a special message of love. Or, you can have your partner's nickname or initials engraved on the ring as a daily reminder of your love.

For those looking for a little extra motivation, the ring can also be engraved with a favorite quote, a mantra or a word of the day. You can choose something that inspires you and keeps you motivated throughout the day.

With our custom engraved silicone ring, you can create a special and meaningful piece of jewelry that you'll love to wear every day. Whether it's a symbol of love, a reminder of a special occasion or a source of inspiration, this ring is sure to become a cherished part of your jewelry collection.

Add a gold-fill to your engraving to make it stand out even more :)

Customer Reviews

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My husband goes to the gym frequently and was constantly having to take his wedding band off and either nearly losing it or forgetting to put it back on, so I thought buying one of these would be great! Had our wedding date engraved on the inside just in case he ever forgets 🤣 Fits perfectly and the purple is wonderful, changes colour depending on the lighting!


Love this ring!! It's big but that's my fault. I normally size up in silicone rings and I shouldn't have. Quality of this ring is great and the engraved skeleton is amazing!


The slate gray ring fit my husband perfectly. He operates large equipment and had to stop wearing his white gold wedding band to avoid injury. This ring is comfortable on his finger, and allows him to safely operate forklifts etc., without the concern of injuring his finger or damaging the ring! The mountain range design was the cherry on top. His dream is to retire near the Smoky mountains. Every time he looks at the ring, your design reminds him of his goal. The product matched the description exactly, met my expectations, and is beautiful. He constantly receives compliments from people about how unique and high quality it looks.


Oh thank God it fits!! We kinda weren't sure of his finger size haha it's so pretty and exactly like the pictures it changes shades and shimmer in different light so that's cool it's also still really masculine looking despite being shiny he loves it it's comfortable and my only regret is not getting it engraved!!

Tiani Whitman

We love the ring design and the fact that we could put a personalized message. There was a hiccup with shipping, but we were able to sort it out with the shop quickly. Great customer service!