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How do I find my silicone ring size?

How do I find my silicone ring size?

Finding your perfect ring fit will not only make wearing your ring extremely comfortable and more breathable, but will also boost the longevity of your ring.

Things to remember before measuring
1. Make sure that your fingers are at their normal size before measuring. The weather, water, and allergies are some of the factors that can cause your fingers to shrink, swell or expand.

2. Knot Theory silicone rings are sized to standard US sizes. However, soft rings can stretch over knuckles and flex when you bend your fingers, so your soft ring size can be half to one size smaller than your metal ring size.

Let’s get started!

Finding Your Perfect Fit:

Method 1: Use the ring sizer included
If you own a Knot Theory ring or knows someone who does, a free paper ring sizer is included with the ring.

Method 2: Print out our free ring sizer
This is another accurate way to find your perfect fit. Ensure that the guide is printed at 100% scale, so the sizing is as accurate as can be.

If you have access to a printer, the best way to find your perfect ring size is to print our soft ring size guide below.

Click HERE to print the Knot Theory ring sizing tool

Method 3: Use a paper strip
Don’t have a printer? It’s all good - we got you! Simply follow this guide:

paper strip method, silicone ring size guide strip method

Method 4: Visit a Jeweler
Jewelry stores are another good way to get your size measured.

What if I’m between sizes?
Our silicone rings come in whole ring sizes only, because the flexible silicone rings are more “forgiving” and half sizes are not needed. If you are in-between sizes, we recommend sizing down!

Are comfort fit rings sized differently?
We are very excited to be the only brand to offer comfort fit silicone rings! Comfort fit rings offer more comfort and breathability, because of the curves inner surface. Whether it’s a metal or silicone comfort fit ring, size down by 1 size. If you are a size 10, choose size 9 rings. If you are a size 10.5, choose size 9 or 10.

What if my ring is too small or too big?
Your Knot Theory ring comes with a perfect fit guarantee. You can reach out to us [link to our customer contact form here] and our customer happiness team will get back to you shortly to help you find your perfect fit! No hassle, not extra charge.