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The Ring that can Match your Favorite Sports Team's Colors

Show your love and support by wearing a ring that matches your favorite sports team's official colors, logo, or jersey colors. Whether it'd be in football, basketball, hockey, soccer, volleyball or any other sport out there, you'll surely find a ring in our collection that can match their colors. (Get...

The Silicone Ring Athletes Wear During Workouts

Being fit and healthy is great thing. However, scratching your metal wedding bands against gym equipment is another. Well, you can feast your eyes and your healthy body on Knot Theory rings - you'll never worry about scratching your precious wedding ring ever again! (Get the silicone ring that can...

The Firefighter's Substitute for Metal Rings

Firefighting requires the hands and the fingers to always be as comfortable as possible. However, you're married, and you feel "naked" when you're not wearing your metal/traditional wedding ring... Good thing we got your back(or your finger for that matter)! :) (Get the safest and most comfortable silicone ring for you...

The Silicone Ring Fit for All Types of Work Environment

There are a lot of things under the hood that can damage your precious metal ring or can harm your finger. With a Knot Theory silicone ring, you can throw those worries away! (Get the perfect silicone ring for the mechanic here!) #carmechanic #mechanic # siliconerings

Perfect Silicone Ring Gift for Electricians

Electrical work and metal rings is an accident in the making. Stay safe and work more efficiently with a Knot Theory silicone ring. (Get the perfect silicone ring for electricians here!) #electrician #electricalwork #siliconeringforhusband

Durable Silicone Wedding Band for Active Hands

Tasks like this can get your precious wedding ring dirty. Good thing your Knot Theory silicone wedding ring proves to be a great alternative to get the job done. (Get the silicone weeding band for you here!) #hardwork #handson #siliconerings